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Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle

Parenthood is, indeed, a beautiful experience. Watching your child grow from an infant into an adult ready to step into the world is a moment of joy and pride for every parent. However, taking care of your child’s education and intellectual development during infancy is vital for him/her to develop entirely in terms of physical and mental faculties. The activities that your child engages in and the games that he/she plays as a child have a profound influence on his/her brain development. That is why we have brought for your child the Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle, which will keep him engaged as well as boost his problem-solving skills.

Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle
Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle

Product Description:

The Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle is a two-in-one 3D puzzle and fishing game.

Product Dimensions – 18 x 13 x 1 cm

The 3D fishing game/Jigsaw Puzzle is made of wood and is safe and biodegradable.

The game is suitable for children age 3 years and above.

The Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle comes with two games in one box- a 3D magnetic fishing game and a wooden jigsaw puzzle game. The game is made of wood and does not have potentially harmful substances like lead and plastic that can be dangerous for children. It is brightly colored and prominently illustrated to draw the attention of a child. The 3D nature of the game ensures a more engaging and realistic experience while playing. The fishing game requires the child to catch fishes with the magnetic rod. You can then replace the fishing game with the jigsaw puzzle for your child to fit in the shapes appropriately. The game is suitable for children aging 3 years and above.

Brain Development With The Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle

In the formative years of childhood, children learn as much from plays and games as they do from academic activities. These games played during childhood make an impression on the child’s mind and shape their understanding of the world. Scientific research shows that jigsaw puzzles and other building games substantially boost problem-solving skills among children. Apart from keeping your child occupied and happy, these games help in the process of brain development in kids. They are useful in increasing the attention span of children who are hyperactive. They also encourage the development of skills such as generalization and abstraction. The 3D fishing game will help shape your child’s perception of shapes and forms, and will also improve his/her hand-eye coordination.

In today’s world, where most parents are working, it becomes difficult to attend to your child at all times. This often becomes a cause of constant anxiety in parents’ minds. The Wooden Magnetic 3D Fishing Game/Jigsaw Puzzle game will help keep your child engaged while you are at work. Besides leaving you with fewer reasons to worry about, this game will also speed up the process of intellectual development in your child. It fosters skills such as motor abilities and problem-solving, which are essential for your child to do well in school and later.

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