Contribution Of Fisheries

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The contribution of fisheries is enormous towards food security in Asia and the Pacific regions. Fish are helpful for environmental benefits. Moreover, the fisheries help in the sustainable development of the water bodies. In the last few decades, food security has been at significant risk. Many organizations and agencies have tried to overcome food security. As a result, invest and manage sustainable food development methods. Fisheries play a significant and vital role as a sustainable food source. Fisheries do provide the dishes at cheap rates. As a result, fisheries play a significant role in improving the economy of the place. The fisheries ensure that there is an adequate supply of food for all the people. Fish are prevalent and are available in all parts of the world.

The Sustainable Contribution Of Fisheries To Food Security

Contribution Of Fisheries

Government agencies and organizations are now very concerned regarding the food situation nowadays. As a result, they are putting more emphasis on the development of fisheries. A fishery generally is the place or the people who cultivate a fish. Such places are declared by the government as a fishery. Fishes pare mostly harvested because of three main reasons. Such as sustainability, recreational purposes, and commercial purposes. Fish is a significant source of food and economy in many coastal regions throughout the world. Fisheries are always based on coats, consequently, as it is easy to arrange all the requirements for an aquarium. Fishes are also a cheap yet very nutritious food source. There is a very wide saying that gives a man a fish you will have to feed him every day. However, teach a man how to fish, and then he can feed his whole family.

Contribution Of Fisheries: Types

There are mainly two types of fisheries marine fisheries and inland fisheries. Marine fishing deal with all the aspects related to large water bodies such as seas and oceans. Whereas inland fisheries are for dealing with small water bodies such as lakes and rivers. India is a significant fishery site. India performs both marine and inland fisheries. Fishing is, however, a significant and most widespread way of livelihood in coastal regions.

Economic Contribution Of Fisheries

Fishes are a significant commercial source due to the following reasons

•Fish is a highly regarded food source around the globe.

• Fishes have a lot of scientific values and qualities.

•Fishes, moreover, help in controlling diseases.

•Fish oil is beneficial for improving a person’s health.

•Fishes also have a substantial aesthetic value

•Fishing is, however, an excellent source of income for people residing near coastal areas.

•The fish industry is also an excellent source of employment

The Sustainable Contribution Of Fisheries To Food Security


Fisheries are, however, significant and necessary as a sustainable food source. Fishing have a lot of benefits clearly stated in the above article. The contribution of Fishing is massive towards food security. It is in a lot of regions all over the world. Fishing is a very famous activity. Fisheries are setup as fishes are seen as a significant food source. The contribution of Fisheries, moreover, towards development often people neglect its importance.

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