Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium

Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium

The breeding of red fish or goldfish dates back to the fourth century B.C. in China, where he was considered sacred. Its wide range of colors and varieties, and how easy it is to maintain it make it ideal for a novice’s aquarium.

Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium
Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium

The Red Fish – Characteristics

The breeding of the redfish dates back to the fourth century B.C. in ancient China, where it was considered a sacred fish.

The carpín or golden carp, Carassius auratus for connoisseurs, or red fish for almost everyone, is one of the fish with the greatest aquarist tradition. The breeding dates back to the fourth century BC. In ancient China, where it was considered a sacred fish. In the twelfth century, the emperor makes him his pet, personally taking care. Later, in the sixteenth century, the Japanese take over and begin to select mutations that have given rise to the many varieties we find today.

Red Fish – Why Choose As A Pet

Currently, it is raised on an industrial scale in many countries and can be seen in countless aquariums because:

  • It is very easy to maintain and raise.
  • Its cost is very economical.
  • You can find it in many shops.
  • It presents a wide range of colors and varieties.
  • In short: it is ideal for neophytes.

Basic Care For Red Fish

In general, red fish need the same care as any other aquarium fish to preserve their good health. They are an aquarium appropriate to its size and activity, reinforced hygiene, including a good filtering system, optimal water conditions, and complete and balanced nutrition.

The Ideal Aquarium For A Goldfish

The goldfish is a cold-water fish that adapts better to ponds, as they tend to grow quite a lot. Therefore, to live well in captivity, the golden carpín will need to have a good-sized aquarium.

Expert advice recommends purchasing a large container, with at least 40 litters per individual. That is, a pair of fish would need an aquarium of approximately 80 litters.

After choosing the ideal aquarium, it will be time to acquire the most appropriate filter for your model. In stores, we can seek guidance from the vendors themselves.

Water Temperature And Ph

This naturally lives in cold or temperate waters, mostly with temperatures of 15ºC to 20ºC. However, in their wild state, many species can withstand temperatures between 5ºC and 24ºC.

Depending on the temperature of your home and the time of the year, it will be essential to consider the need to heat or cool the aquarium water. Most experts also recommend to regularly measure the pH of your fish tank, always trying to keep it close to pH 7.

Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium
Red Fish: Beauty Of Our Aquarium

Red Fish Feeding

These are omnivorous animals that enjoy maintaining a varied diet. In nature, it usually consumes crustaceans, insects, plants, larvae, and worms.

In specialized stores, we will find special mixtures to feed a goldfish. These preparations are suitable, as they contain the appropriate proportions of all nutrients.

With a little attention, there is no complication in taking care of the red fish of our aquarium. The color they will bring to our aquarium and the environment is well worth it.

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