Fishing Rods Buying Basics: Know More

Fishing Rod Buying Basics: Know More

Fishing rods are long, flexible rod that is used by the fishermen to catch fishes.  A  stick or pole attached to the end line of a hook is called a fishing rod. The length can vary from 2 to 20 feet. Bamboo is used to make the rods. The contemporary ones are made from fibreglass or carbon fibre. Fishing rods are often used for recreation or competitive casting. Fishing rods come in different size, actions and length depending on whether it will be used to catch small or large fishes.  Choosing the fishing rod depends on the type of fishing that you are planning to do.

Inshore Fishing Rod:

Inshore fishing means fishing that is done in shallow water and to catch small fishes. Hence keeping these things in mind you need a rod that can support a good fish, but not one which overweighs which makes it difficult for you to fish.

Casting rods are the normal reels. These are used to catch the fish or bait from the bottom fishing.

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Spinning rods are the same as the casting rods but the difference is only that it has a spinning reel. This spinning rod is good for a beginner angler. Spinning rods do not have backlash problems which is encountered by an inexperienced one.

inshore bottom fishing can be used by Casting or spinning rod. The use of which rod and its size depends on the water depths, current and the weight that is required to get a bottom.

Popular among them is the Inshore saltwater fly fishing. So, if you are planning to purchase the saltwater outfit for the first time, it is suggested to go for a prepackaged complete outfit. This outfit should be of 6 to 8 weight range.

Offshore Fishing Rod:

Major trolling rods are made for conventional reels. However, the most popular is the Conventional tackle. Heavy spinning gear is also used trolling.

 These are termed as the “meat rods” which is used by many anglers to catch many fishes. They are heavier and stiff than the trolling rod. It is usually longer than the trolling rod and can withstand any abuses done by the big fish.

Fly rods used offshore are made for punishment. However, they are the heavier outfits which have large reels and weights from 9 to 12.

Surf Fishing Rods:

Fishing Rod Buying Basics: Know More
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These surf fishing rods are made from both the casting and the spinning reels. The choice depends on the preference of the angler. However, the length of these rods are from 9 to 12 or even 14 feet. The size of the rod depends on the preference of the angler. It could also mean that these rods are long, heavy when you are going for fishing of bigger fishes.

Inshore rods which includes surf rods are and can be used from piers. Hence, the type and size of the rod depends on the size of the fish and the preference of the angler.

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