Fishing Rod Holder And Its Types

Fishing Gear: Techniques And Types

Fishing rod holder his set of equipment and accessories designed for the capture and extraction of animals from the aquatic environment. There are different types of arts such as nets, chiaroscuro, traps, pots, lightning rods, hooks, etc.

Fishing Rod Holder And Its Types
Fishing Gear: Techniques And Types

Fishing Gear And Techniques

These are nothing more than the way in which fishing rod is used according to the technical specifications and the biological characteristics of the species or species to be captured. Currently, the most productive fishing technique in Cuba is the Combined Fishing System, also known as the Chinese Fishing System.

Shooting Fishing Gear

They are the means of capture that perform their function thanks to manual or mechanical traction (trawling) ‘Trawls’ (Shrimp and fish mines) Dredgers for mollusks ‘Trawls’: They are mainly of cloths of networks of different characteristics (mesh steps, thread numbers) and synthetic ends of different diameters, as well as using other elements. It consists of three parts usually: Wings or fins, Body and Flake. ‘Dredgers for mollusks’: They consist of a metal structure, a blade, and a flake or bag.

Types Of Fishing Rod Holder

 Each fishing rod holder is for the species it captures:


It consists of the mainline parallel to the bottom to which many branches are tied with hooks baited with carnaza that attract fish because of the smell of the bait. It is very selective fishing. Species it catches swordfish, tuna, marsh, palometa, grouper, etc.

Background Drag

They are arts of the active type, that work towed by one or two boats. It consists of a large funnel-shaped mesh bag that advances along the bottom thrown by the ship. Species it captures flounder, flounder, hake, cod, scallops, clams, shrimp, crayfish, etc.


It consists of deploying a network forming a semicircle that will surround the school of fish that is attracted by the lights of the Lucero boat. Traíña is the main vessel. Which will be the one that closes the semicircle by catching the fish. Species that it captures: horse mackerel, mackerel, sardine, anchovy, tuna, Melva, etc.


It involves fencing a school of fish with a net wall that is parallel to the coast and whose mesh light is so small that the target species are trapped, but not entangled. Both ends of the network have long drag cables. Species that capture: a variety of coastal and pelagic fish such as sargo or palometa.

Gill Or Gill Net

Fishing Rod Holder And Its Types
Fishing Gear: Techniques And Types

A vertical rig that is between two lines of water or at the bottom. In which the fish are caught in the mesh light by the gills. Species it captures cod, sole, snorer, snapper, tuna, mackerel, salmon, squid, etc.


It is the most traditional gill net network art. Which forms three overlapping net cloths. In which the fish get entangled while trying to get through them. Species that capture: mollusks (sepia and octopus), crustaceans (lobster, lobster, crab, spider crab …) and fish such as stripe, eel, brunette, grouper, mullet, etc.

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