Fishing Gear And Its Types I Amazing Facts You Should Know

Fishing Gear And Its Types

Fishing Gear And Its Types

Fishing is an activity where the quantity and quality of the catch depend upon the fishing gear and the methods of fishing. The fishing method is the deciding factor for sustainable fishing activity. So, is the need for proper fishing gear to target specific species of fishes. It is very important to adopt the correct method and technique of fishing to maintain a sustainable state for fishing.

Fishing Gear And Its Types
Fishing Gear And Its Types

Importance Of Fishing Gear And Fishing Technique

Different fishes live at different depths of the water column. For effective and efficient fishing we need the right set of fishing gear and employment of correct fishing techniques. Selective fishing of species is the reason behind the use of gears. Various environmental impacts are dependent on the technique and gears of fishing. Bycatch, overfishing, and unwanted catches are few challenging scenarios that proper gear use can avoid.

Types Of Fishing Gear

There are mainly five different categories of fishing gear available in the market. Most fishing companies use these gears for commercial fishing. Many gears are also used for small scale fishing as well.

  1. Nets- They come in different shapes and sizes. They commonly include dredges, seines, trawls, etc. Trawls have a frame with a net to catch fish and other marine animals. Nets catch shrimp and rockfish living in mid-water.

Dredges have iron frames over nets. They are mainly used to catch deep-sea living fishes. Seine nets are like a funnel that allows fish to get inside it and catches it. Salmon hunting uses these nets.

  • Hooks and Lines- The most widely used fishing gear is hooks and lines. Baits are put on lines that are either surface or bottom placing. Surface lines catch fishes like tuna and swordfish. Bottom lines catch cod and groundfish.
  • Traps- It is a very simple technique to catch fishes. It may contain bait to catch a specific species of fishes. The use of traps mainly encourages target fishing. Traps mainly catch lobsters and shrimps.
  • Grapplers- It is a simple fishing gear that is hand-held to catch individual fishes. They include harpoons, spears, etc. They are used to fish salmon, swordfish, and large fishes. It is mostly used for small scale fishing.
  • Numbing devices- This is an explosive technique of fishing. It uses dynamites and other similar explosive devices to numb the fishes. It also uses various sedatives to make the fish unconscious. This particular method is unsustainable. It has various adverse impacts on marine life in and around the fishing area.


Fishing Gear And Its Types
Fishing Gear And Its Types

 A lot depends on the design and place of use of gears. The quantity and quality of the catch very much depend on the quality of gears. Same species may live in two different habitats which require different gear set and different technique of fishing. This is one of the main challenges to overcome. Using proper gear set ensures a minimum adverse impact on marine life.

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