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Health In The USA

Fisheries, Food, And Health In The USA

As humans, we are known to be very adaptive as we are used to living in almost any environmental condition. Since ages, people have been living in some of the hottest deserts and even some of the coldest places on the earth amidst the snow. Even when it comes to food, different areas have different food cultures, and humans are the creatures that eat the food in the widest varieties. However, we must realize that it can have a severe impact on our health. So, in today’s article, we shall be talking about fisheries, food, and Health in the USA. Read on to know more.

When it comes to food, the three pillars are its availability, accessibility, and proper utilization. And when we talk about seafood, the fisheries play a huge role in meeting those needs. So, we cannot downplay how vital the fishery business to the USA is, and how they also contribute significantly to the economy of the nation.

Health In The USA – Role Of The Fisheries

Fisheries, Food, And Health In The USA
Fisheries, Food, And Health In The USA

As mentioned above, fisheries play a significant role in giving us access to all sorts of seafood. If there are no fisheries, it is impossible that we can eat seafood unless we fish them ourselves. Thanks to its availability in today’s date, we do not have to work so hard for our food!

However, one thing that is of enormous concern is that the US health policies are nowhere connected when it comes to the business of fisheries. It raises questions as to how hygienic the seafood if, and what impact can it have on human health? Apart from that, no tests are conducted on the fishes that are caught to determine their health status and the quality of the prey. Well, that is a considerable risk to human health!

Health In The USA – The Positives Of Seafood

We just talked about the negative impact the fisheries can have on human health if they are not appropriately maintained, but that does not mean that there are no health benefits of seafood. Factually, seafood is among the best and the most nutritious foods that a human being can ever have. Various studies have shown that it will keep you away from various diseases, and can also help in improved functioning of multiple human organs.

It is a known fact that if you have vision-related problems, you should add more fish to your diet as it can help you improve your vision in the long term. Apart from that, the fishes also contain phosphorus and calcium, in addition to various minerals like zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, and iodine. That is why you must have seen the doctors recommending fish for people with iron and calcium deficiency.

Fisheries, Food, And Health In The USA
Fisheries, Food, And Health In The USA

Overcoming The Challenges

Now, we understand that if the fisheries are appropriately maintained, seafood plays a critical role in maintaining good health. So, all we need is the application of appropriate health laws on the business of fisheries, which will ensure that it is a win-win situation both for the fishermen and the consumers. It is because good quality seafood will provide higher business for fishers, and the consumers will be benefitted from good health.

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