Fisheries And Their Importance I Facts You Should Know

Fisheries And Their Importance

The Importance Of Sustainable Fisheries

They directly increase people’s food supply. Providing very nutritious animal proteins and important micronutrients. Fish also solves the problem of lack of food when there is a shortage. Finally, fisheries and aquaculture offer employment. And the income that people use to buy other food.

The Importance Of Sustainable Fisheries
Fisheries And Their Importance

Worldwide, more than 100 million tons of fish are consumed per year. Which provides 2.5 billion people with at least 20% of their average per capita intake of animal protein. This contribution is even more important in developing countries. Especially in small island states and in coastal regions. Where often more than 50% of the animal protein consumed by the population comes from fish.

In some of the countries where there is greater food insecurity. In many parts of Africa and Asia. For example – fish protein is essential and represents a large part of the consumption of animal protein. Which in itself is scarce. It is also important to keep in mind that about 97% of fishermen are in developing countries

With Regard To Commercial Fisheries

As its name is indicating, it is to obtain a Lucrative Benefit with the realization of it. Being, therefore, one of the first Economic Activities especially in small towns. Still being to obtain income, made by Fishing Groups. Differentiating not only in the purpose but also distinguishing at the Regulatory and Legislative level. The extraction must follow regulations by different states that have specific jurisdiction.

We know Fisheryis the activity consisting of the Extraction of Fish. Or any other Aquatic Species of its natural habitat. Through different Capture Techniques. Being one of the first Economic Activities in the history of humanity. Together with Hunting and Collection, is also used as a Recreational Activity. So in the world, it is undoubtedly one of the most widespread activities.

Each of the techniques or methodologies is considered as a Fishery Art. Having not only a classification depending on whether it is Freshwater (in Rivers or Lagoons). Or the one related to Saltwater (performed in Oceans and Seas). Depending on the different instruments used in it. Or the environment where it is performed.

Understanding Fisheries

Large-scale Industrial Fisheries is existing. Using massive fisheries systems. Although they use Traditional Fishery techniques. They do it on a large scale. With an Initial Capital that is used for the purchase of Fishery Vessels as well as the use of Port Zones. Where they can distribute the catch obtained.

Means understanding the functioning and value of this world. Therefore, people must respect the laws. And not abused by fishing. As this can mean – apart from judicial penalties – repercussions on our ecosystem.

The Importance Of Sustainable Fisheries
Fisheries And Their Importance

Fisheries Is An Art

The excess must follow regulation by the administration to avoid fraudulent cases. Such as mafia organizations engaged in poaching without respecting the maritime legislation and nature.

Understanding the importance of this activity is paramount whether we are professional or for pure leisure. Fishing is a profession, a resource and an activity of great value and power.

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